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As your life changes, personal belongings can increase and you may need Van Nuys Offices & Storage units to accommodate them. You can count on one of their storage units to be there with safe and secure solutions.
Whether it's a 5x5 or an 8x10 storage space, we have it. Whether you're looking for self storage units for you or your business, Van Nuys Storages offers storage space in many different sizes, priced accordingly.

You could use some extra space around the house. Having extra space to store items that may not get used year-round, or somewhere to safely pack collectibles that may hold sentimental value but don't need to clutter your home is invaluable. It helps keep your house clean, and provides more peace of mind.

Keeping that professional look for any business depends on organization and cleanliness. What kind message are you sending potential customers if your workplace is cluttered? Clear some space out, lighten the mood of your office and impress your future clients with a clean, spacious look to your workplace. Our self storage for lease can be a great solution for:

Our Storages

At our storage locations in Van Nuys, we offer affordable storage units in a broad range of sizes. Whether you are storing the contents of a studio apartment or an office, you are sure to find that space that is best suited for your needs and budget.

We understand. It happens from time to time. Sometimes you have more stuff than room to put it. You have cleaned, you have rearranged, but you still need more space. Maybe you need to store your bike for the season. Maybe you need to archive some important records.
Or maybe you have the perfect lamp, but it just does not have a home... for now. Store business documents, equipment, inventory and seasonal items and free up valuable office space. We offer 24 hour access 7 days a week.

In fact, thanks to the recession, many landlords are simply keen to hire out their dead office space, and so as a result, prices are actually more competitive than ever. Just remember the most important rule, in business everything is negotiable because you can always walk away and find someone else.

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Van Nuys Offices helped me out when I started my own business. I thought with my not so perfect credit no one is going to rent to me. But they did, they gave me a chance and now I have been renting with them since 2008.
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