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  • Are you looking to start your own small business but think itÂ’s not possible in these tough economic times? Think again! Starting a business in a down economy can be a smart move: Prices for goods, services and labor are down while supply is up. For best results, think creatively and work strategically. But it would be a mistake to let negative headlines prevent you from following your dream of starting your own company. In fact, many experts suggest that launching your new business during a down economy can actually be a savvy move.
    In a time of plenty, people may be less likely to bother looking around for better deals. In contrast, an economic downturn inspires shoppers to think hard about their choices. This tendency can present a golden opportunity for the small business owner who knows how to market their product to budget-minded consumers. At first, it may seem intimidating to think about starting up in a recession, but experts cite a number of successful businesses that were launched during difficult economic times. Examples include Hewlett-Packard, which started up in the Great Depression, and Microsoft - launched during a recession in 1975.

    Our tenants are all interesting and nice people, and some of them may be able to help you, or vice versa.

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